Saturday, November 16, 2013

Music Vibes

My mood has been fucked up lately. It's a weird feeling. I feel... hopeless and helpless. Pretty much any adjective with less as the suffix less. Oh wait. I feel alone too. Very alone. I don't know. I'm just not right.

Anyway, I've been digging a lot of cool music lately. That's what this post is mainly going to be about. I love music. My mother has a lot to do with that. So does my Auntie Allie. They both introduced me to some of my favorite artists. My auntie introduced me to Bob Marley. Every time I here Three Little Birds I think of her. That explains why I get emotional in the movie I Am Legend on the scene where Will Smith kills his dog. That scene just tugs at my heart strings. My mother introduced me to so much music too. Elton John, Earth, wind, and fire, Stevie Wonder, common; the list goes on and on. However, they both introduced me to my favorite, Michael Jackson.

I've also been digging some other stuff. A lot of indie rock, jazz (old school and new school), and rap. Very seldom I listen to pop. Recently I've been listening to a lot of Childish Gambino. I freaking love him. That actually is a completely different post for a completely different time. All being said, I love Childish Gambino. I also love Tyler, the Creator. Odd Future as a whole is cool as hell. I really want the Mellow High album. "Yu" is pretty awesome. The Films is something else I've been digging. "Number 1" is pretty good. That song reminds me of myself. The Smiths are my gods. I really can't say too much about them because I would be going on for hours. Simply put, I fucking love the Smiths. The Shins are good too. Honestly, I love so much music. I'm probably just going to do a post for every artist that I'm liking. Until that happens, I'm just going to put some videos of music that I've been loving recently.

Mellow High "Yu"

Billie Holiday "I Wish I Had You"

Childish Gambino "3005"

The Films "Number 1"

I can't find the video for this so I had to look it up. However, this song is like my soundtrack to my life.

The Shins "Sleeping Lessons"

The Smiths "Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want"

This is just a ventricle of the music that I love. I've decided while doing this post that I'm going to do an individual post for every artist that I like. So look out for that later. I should have included some 70's hits because I've been listening to alot of those recently. Anyway, yeah. That's pretty much it. Music is a pretty huge aspect in my life. It can bring my mood up a ton or down a ton. It depends on how I feel.

Fucking sick.
Cassady Janelle

Monday, November 11, 2013

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like CHRISTMAS!

And along with Christmas comes presents that I'll never get. That's where wishlists come in. I know that thanksgiving hasn't even came yet, but I'm already in the Christmas spirit! So let's get on with this wishlist. Oh, I guess I should metion that I don't expect anyone to get me this shit. I'm just hopeful wishing.

Number 1:

UNIF Gamma Ray Holographic Platform Boot


These shoes are freaking cool. They remind me of some shoes David Bowie wore before. You can see what I'm talking in my I Love The 70's post. Any-who, these are pretty expensive and my mother will hate them so I'll probably never see these in real life.

Number 2:
Golden Wander

I had a bath bomb before and it's the most relaxing thing ever. I've heard good things about this so I decided to throw this on here. Plus, it's pretty fucking cool when it fizzes up.

Number 3:


I don't feel like I have to say much about this. Except for the fact that I love music and this is everything that I need to experience it. Actually, to experience music better.
P.S: Some records would be nice too.

Number 4:


    Stretch Twill Wide Leg Pant


I saw Lauren Rose form YouTube wear these. I fell in love instantly because they look so cool. And here's a plus, they remind me of the lovely bones.

So yeah. That's all of the stuff that I want. I doubt that I'll get it. That's what jobs are for. I need money desperately but that's just a completely different topic.  

Cassady Janelle

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I Fucking Hate You

But I love you. Those are some famous words from my crushie-- Tyler, The Creator (I really like him). Tyler made a song called IFHY. The song is about a love interest that ins't interested in him aka a crush. Crushes suck major. Us as human beings have crushes, because it's natural. We're not heartless robots. Nevertheless crushes suck. It's like, every time you see this person you get overwhelmed with happiness (because you dig them), but when they see you they're just like "hey". That's the worse feeling ever. Man. Just thinking about it makes me cringe. 

Anyway, crushes suck. I feel like I  can't say that enough. You can get over a crush if you want to. Some people are emotional masochists that actually like liking someone who doesn't even know they exist. Those people must have hearts of steel. Getting over a crush is actually not that hard depending on who you are. I myself can get over a crush fairly easy. All I have to do is focus on the persons flaws, it works all of the time. Actually, not all of the time. One time, I had a crush on this one person that had absolutely no flaws. They were absolute perfection. It was horrible. But yeah.. I would say if you like somebody focus on their flaws, then it will go away. Hopefully. I mean this isn't a guarantee.

Crushes aren't always a bad thing though, the crushie may actually like the crusher. I think that's how some relationships start. Honestly you'll never know unless you ask. If you don't ask for something, how are you going to get it? 

My advise to a chronic crusher would be to tell your crush. I mean, the worst they can say is "I don't like you". Believe me, if they say that you will feel like shit. But, later you will not care. People come and go in life, crushes only last for so long. And honestly the person you have a crush on is probably an asshole. Most crushes are..

Stop giving a fuck.

Cassady Janelle

Oh and here is a playlist to help you get embrace your crush. The first step to healing is recognition :)

Stars- Heart
Todd Rundgren- Hello It's Me
3005- Childish Gambino
Make You Feel Me Love- Bob Dylan
Something Familiar- The Films
Dont'cha- The Internet
Someone to Call My lover (Giraffage Remix)- Janet Jackson
New Slang- The Shins
Love Is a Dog From Hell- The Limousines

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Easy Like Sunday Mornings..

This morning consisted of me cleaning my room and watching Friends (oh, and eating, how could I forget eating). I was sweeping my room while watching Ross and Rachael break up (the saddest breakup ever) and I thought "I'm legit sitting here watching a show about friends hanging out and I have absolutely zero friends around me. I'm a senior in high school and I spend my weekends in my room watching reruns and listening to borderline depressive music" That's like really sad. Aren't teenagers supposed to go out to parties and get high off their ass every weekend? I think so, but why don't do that? My lack of friends may have something to do with that. For some reason i come off really awkward around people. It's like, people take me seriously all of the time. That would be an issue for someone who is really sarcastic like myself. People who have been around me for a long time can recognize that easily however, those who barley know me would have a hard time detecting that. Don't get me wrong, I do have friends, really good friends actually. They're just in college. So it doesn't really count right now. I don't know man, this is just weird. Maybe I should have talked to people my own age.

This is a scene from my morning. It' pretty glum but whatever...

But I Love Being Alone.

I would love for me to go out and have fun and all that shit, but I just like being in my room. It's really good vibes. Mother says that I need more human interaction but I think it's superfluous. The only thing that I'm doing wrong is living in a sedentary lifestyle (I really need to get off my ass). I mean, there's nothing else to say except for the fact that I like being alone. It's a great way to decompress and relax honestly. I really hope that I am not the only one going through this shit though. I don't think I am. I'm actually positive that their are people (like the whole tumblr community) that just lock themselves in their room for 48 hours. I can't be the only one on this earth that thinks being alone is a hell of a good time. I know that when I get off to college I won't be able to do this ever, so I'm enjoying it.  Maybe as time passes my antisocial ways will change, but for now I'm just going to be on the internet all day.

Here's some Beach Boys for ya :)

Fuck it..

Cassady Janelle

Saturday, November 2, 2013


I have been feeling the 70's lately. I've been liking the 60's too but the 70's is just way more prevalent. From everything form The Beatles to The Beegees (long live disco!) I just love it all. Long live the 70's! 

P.S: David Bowie is a god among gods and Diana Ross will always be the bitchiest queen mankind has ever seen.

ELO- Strange Magic

I don't know man. This song is just really good. It's one of those songs that you can just stare at the walls and listen to at full blast. And it gives me a major The Virgin Suicides vibe.

The king David Bowie

At first I thought Bowie was a overrated artist. Now I totally get his popularity. Simply put, he is a god.

David Bowie- Life on Mars? My favorite song from him

Here's some glam rock appreciation pictures...

And let's just praise the Afro's that I try so hard to imitate..

Last but never the least DISCO!!!

The Beegees - Nights On Broadway

You can't say that you didn't love that 

The 70's was fucking psychedelic..

Cassady Janelle

Chilling Before The Weekdays

I've been thinking about starting a blog for a while, so here I am.
It's a Saturday morning and I'm just sitting here vibing to different music. It's been pretty chill. I'm digging it.

I couldn't find the song I was looking for so I had to settle with this one. It's still pretty good though :)

I've been digging this band recently (really recent actually like yesterday) and they are pretty good. Their music is so intoxicating. A song I've really been liking by them is called Number 1. One of my favorite bloggers/youtubers/tumblr-ers (lol I don't know the term) introduced me to that song. Her name is Lauren Rose. 

Here's one of her videos...

Isn't her style just awesome? I feel like she is my soul sister lol. All of her social media links are in the description box of that video. But yeah.. she's cool. And her feminist views are really interesting.

OH! I cant fail to mention my love for Childish Gambino. Other than the fact that he is really attractive, he is also  a bomb as rapper. I've been really liking rap, well, some rap. I dig rappers like Childish Gambino(duh.) Tyler, The Creator, and his whole OF crew. It's not a lot, but I am very selective when it comes to the gangster rap that I listen to. 

Here's some Gambino (feel free to blast this)

Fucking awesome dude..

Cassady Janelle